Alexander Brandt

My Favorite (1997, interactive audio-visual installation)

A large bright screen is placed on the ground of a spacious darkened room. Spectators, who dare to step on it, will see a picture appear under their feet showing a kissing couple. As the spectators walk on that stage more pictures appear. When the fourth picture frame lights up, one of the stills starts playing as a video of this couple kissing along a song chosen by this couple. The spectator will immediately become aware of his interaction - being able to start, stop and change a total of 16 videos - but will never quite understand
the exact relationship between his movements and the result they produce.13 optimistic, color, fixed-camera videos, are interrupted by three grotesque black and white stories which are exploring the limits of common kissing habits. Prompted by these overwhelming and stimulating images, the spectator will consciously or unconsciously become a stage performer observed by other spectators. Leaving the stage, the installation will turn back to white.

Related Exhibitions:
1997, Honors 1997, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris